We only have Robot license, can we use Community Edition Studio to create a process for this licensed Robot?

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Yes you can develop using community edition studio and then deploy that package into robot machine and run from either system tray or trigger it from Orchestrator.

What version of Robot have you installed ?


We just got one unattended Robot license key and try to install it in TEST and run the Robot as windows service. But we had problem to find Msi installer to install Robot only.

Where we can find the Msi installer? Also can we pick which version of Robot we want to install during the installation process? I think my CE Studio version is 19.6.0.

We have to make sure the Studio and Robot having the same version, correct?

I am new to UiPath and very appreciate your help.



For this go to this site: cloud.uipath.com and login with either of the option and then go to Resource Center page and from there download Enterprise Edition of UIpath and it’s of type Msi file.

If you download from above link and you will get latest version of robot only.

Please check below thread to install Robot only.


Thanks for your quick reply.
I have another question about Robot license key. If we activate the license on TEST, when we are ready to move the Robot into production, can we still activate the license? If not, how we should handle this situation? Or we have to de-activate license in TEST, then activate it in PROD?

Thank you very much for your help.



Instead of doing this, install UIPath studio community version in Test environment and develop the process and test it.

Once everything is perfect then copy this published package into Production system and there you install Robot only.


Hey guys

I would also consider @lakshman’s approach in this case. It’s the best way to do it :slight_smile:


But we want to run the robot in the same environment as PROD. So we want to run the Robot in TEST environment which does not have Studio installed. Also we want to try to run robot as Windows service in TEST. We don’t want to put a Robot into PROD without testing it in the same environment.

Any other suggestions @Lahiru.Fernando ?




Yes it’s possible you can do that one also.

As you said you bought only one license and that’s why I suggested to do that.

For this, Could you please contact UIpath support team. I am not sure whether you can deactivate in One system and then use it in other system.

If you bought two licensed then you can use one in Test and other one is in production system.



I will try to contact UiPath Support team for de-activate license issue.
By the way, is there any technical support phone number I can call? Looks like we only can submit the support form on the “Contact Technical Support” Page.



I guess you can raise support request only.