How to deploy the project at client machine?

Is it mandatory to install UiPath studio at client environment? If it is yes what are the necessary licences do we need to buy?

Can someone please help me on this…

Much appreciated for your help in advance.


Hi @winningvish

Studio is meant for development and as such you do not need it on every machine that the robot will be run on.

What you need is a Robot license for each machine you want to run robots on and an Orchestrator license, if you want to be able to easily manage those Robots.


Thank you so much for your quick response @loginerror… Is there any way to install only the robot at client machine?

To install just the robot, you will need the MSI installer which comes with the UiPath Studio Enterprise edition. With that installer you can select the components you want to install (thus, only Robot).

You can then license the robot using the command line:

It is not possible to install just the robot with the Community Edition.


Awesome, Now I’m clear about it after seen your explanation.

Much appreciated for your time and help.


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