Would it be possible to install only Robot not Studio

Hello, Would it be possible to install only robot not Studio.
Basically when we install Studio we will get Robot, but i wanted to install only Robot. Not Studio.
Could you please let me know.
Your inputs will be greatly appreciated.

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Yes it can be done. It is a practice, when you deploy projects on production there is no studio there only robots are deployed there.



where can i get exe to install.
is it possible to install only robot in community addition ?

Hi @rkelchuri,

You can install Robot only using the Enterprise MSI installer, which is a licensed version. You could try out the trial version.


Hi @PD2,

Where can we get the Trail version for Enterprise MSI installer?
I am not getting the link for download over mail after following this link – Enterprise RPA Platform Trial - Automation Software | UiPath

Can someone please help

Hi @rinki,

If you have checked you Junk folder for the email and make sure the firewall is not blocking the download. Then please reach out to UiPath Support to assist.


Hi @PrankurJoshi, i’m her again…lol

I’m facing the same problem. I’m using Community Edition 2019.4 and would like to keep only the UiPath Robot installed locally.

I tried to follow the example below, but I did not identify that image in my UiPath installation process. Where can I access this setup option ?!


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