Warning while sending Mail using Outlook



While i am trying to send mail using Outlook in UiPath using Send Outlook Mail Message activity, I am getting warning message every time before sending the mail.

Can you please let me know how to resolve this issue ??

Thanks in advance.

Please check this.

Thank you

The problem is that UiPath does not go to the next step as long as the warning dialog box is open. I have tried sending hotkeys and clicking the allow button. But as long as the warning box is open, next step is not executed. If I manually click the allow button then an error “element not found” is displayed(when i try clicking the allow button). Any suggestions?


you can disable that security policy from outlook.

Tried doing that but not having required permissions to do so. That is why I am looking for alternate ways. Any other ideas?


This is not UIPath Problem, this is outlook security problem you can disable this activity with following steps:

  1. open outlook with Administration.
  2. Click File on top header
  3. Click Option.
    4.click Trust Center.
  4. Click Trust Center Setting.
  5. Click Programmatic Access.
  6. now select Radio button with(Not warm me about suspicious activity.
  7. Now Click on “Ok”.
    Now Run your program.
    Akash Singhal

If you can t enable that security policy, then you should build in your workflow a way to handle those outlook pop ups.

Hi Gabriel,
I tried doing that, but the problem I am facing is that the next step is not getting executed as long as the dialog box is present. Tried clicking and sending hotkeys. Anything that I need to take care of?


Guys, has anyone come across UiPath and outlook integration issue, wherein emails get stuck in outbox folder. Any help will be appreciated.

Hi. Jep we got the exact same. when you open mail then it starts sending. and not all mail only some of them

Follow these steps to disable the waring in outlook securities.