Error while sending outlook mail message

Hi All,

While trying to send out an outlook mail message I get this pop up -


So I create a sequence which have some click activities that grant access for this popup like below



And parallelly(Using the parallel activity) I used a send outlook mail message like below

but when I run the workflow I get this error-


Could someone help to elaborate why am I getting this error and how to fix this?


that’s because of the security settings in outlook

Below link would help you to do the required settings.

Hi @rahulsharma

If you read my question carefully, I have created a work around for the pop up cause in enterprise we cannot just change outlook settings for a single user.
Could you please help in resolving the error message I have attached.


ok this information wasn’t there in the post that you can’t change the settings. :slight_smile:

Regarding your workaround → That is less likely to work as that warning message is tricky to handle.

You can give a try as follows:
You may attach that pop-up as a window in that sequence and check if Element exists work for that, if yes just use it.

If element exists is true, then use activate window using the same selector and then send Hotkey, send tab, a down array key and then an enter.

Again that’s not a good idea to go that,

I would suggest you to use Exchange Mail activities as you already have an account. That will not require the Outlook application API.

Any issue ir challenge in using exchange mail activities?

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I am not sure whether I can use the Microsoft Exchange, need to check with the IT team for that, for sure they will take time for configuration and all.
Can you send out a pic of the work around you have suggested.

Parallel doesn’t work how people think it works. It doesn’t really run things at the same time. Get rid of Parallel. Just check if the popup appeared. If it did, do the steps to close it. If it didn’t just move on.

Anyway, I recommend Send SMTP Mail Message. It’s the simplest and most reliable way to send emails.

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But the pop only appears when I use the send outlook mail message, and I tried adding the element exist activity after the send outlook mail message activity, and it breaks stating the send outlook mail message activity timed out.

you can use it if you have an outlook account.

That’s why I said use Send SMTP Mail Message. You won’t get any popups, don’t even need Outlook installed nor open.

Try reversing the order of the activities within the parallel.

Since Parallel begins executing the activities from left to right, I think it’s getting stuck on the Send Outlook Mail Message activity and never “starts” the Pop up sequence.

Allowing the popup sequence to start first might keep things moving

I can try that, but it does start the pop up sequence, and in mid way it breaks for one of the pop up acitvity.