Message box while sending mail

hi team,
As am facing some error while sending a mail using send outlook mail activity and by using invoke code as the robot send a mail all i get is some pop or warning message box block my programs.
do find the attachment this is the warning all i get since am in Unilever VM


you can use a parallel to use the send outlook mail activity whilst also using element exist on this pop up. If found click ‘Allow’.

Add a long enough timeout on the send outlook mail activity to cover the element exist and clicking allow.

Hope that helps.


hi well this logic sounds not that optimized all i want is let the ui path send the mail backgroundly and may be figure it what is the real issue.:slight_smile:

@sanjay21051990, it seems to be a problem with your antivirus apps. When there’s no antivirus running, Outlook pumps up it’s security to make sure there’s no harmful software trying to access your email info. For more info, please refer: I get warnings about a program accessing email address information or sending email on my behalf

You can check if this is the case by going to Options in Outlook, then Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings and select Programmatic Access. It should look like this. However, I suspect that in your case it won’t say that the Antivirus Status is Valid. I’m curious to hear.

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This is a security setting on the account which causes the pop up - i am assuming there are group policies preventing emailed being sent via automation / from a program.

My solution is a work around if unable to change security settings

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Thanks it got resolved…all i have done the changes in th outlook settings…

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If possible can you share the changes you had done in outlook to solve it? Is it the same what @evangemert had posted?

well i just changed to never warn me about suspicious

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Guys, we’re experiencing problem with UiPath application wherein it invokes outlook desktop client to send automated emails. To be precise, when we send out emails using UiPath, they get stuck in outbox until we manually send it from outbox afterwards.
Any help appreciated.