Errors with outlook


I have come across some errors while trying to send an outlook mail message.

I tried to use the Send Outlook Mail Message activity to send an email, and I have had this come up.


This is an issue because I cannot clear the box that I’ve screenshotted. UiPath won’t move onto another activity until it has finished the Mail Message activity, so I can’t use clicks to get past it.

I tried using an attach window, and then opening outlook, creating a new email, typing in the recipients, subject and body, but when UiPath attempts to type into the body, the UiPath.executor stops working, and then throws this execption.


Anybody got any other solutions to these issues?

Thanks in advance

Hi @william.coulson

You can change programmatic access in Outlook to prevent that popup.



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Hey @tmays,

I have tried this but all the options are greyed out and I can’t click them. It says my anti-virus is invalid despite having one


I have removed McAfee from my laptop as I use Norton Anti-virus. Outlook now says the Anti-virus is valid but still doesn’t allow me to change the programmatic access


I ran Outlook as admin and managed to change the settings there. Thank you for attaching the Microsoft article, and thank you for your help


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