VM Automation

I am having some issues with developing automation for Virtual Machines and need to clarify a few things. For the bots,we are running them on our windows virtual machines, the bot can only access the image, not the UI elements as UiPath cannot address the interface through the operating system even if we are not using Citrix for our VM’s, correct? I have been developing my bot processes with the notion that only the Citrix recorder’s tools can be used ex: OCR, and Click Image.
Also, is it better to develop in the VM itself versus the desktop? I’m checking in to make sure that I’m not limiting myself as it would be nice to use selectors, data scraping, etc… in the VMs.

You can definitely use the full capabilities of UiPath to develop in VMs.

If all you’re doing is within the VM, i recommend developing inside the VM with studio installed within the VM.

Or having a clone of the VM and then deploying the robot to the VM after development and testing.

I’ve just completed automating a process which was developed in one VM (our dev environment) which will be published in another VM for the run bot. This includes data scraping, some image automation and other activities :slight_smile:. Good luck!


So if I have a process developed on my desktop, can I move this process to a VM and then have access to UI elements and such in the VM?


This is the exact process we are using :slight_smile:

Thanks! Also sorry to bother you again, but when I transfer over the process to the VM, any click image activity does not work, even if I re specify the element on the VM. Have you encountered this before?

Check your selector this could be the issue. I haven’t encountered this issue as our VMs are exact clones.

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