Not able to automate anything in VM

I am trying to do automation in VM using citrix recorder in UI path. But whenever i am using click image option its not getting clicked and whole VM getting hanged. The UI Path is installed in local desktop.

Please let me know if anyone faced similar issues. also experts please guide me.

I am currently automating a process which will be run on a VM and my approach has been:

  1. Develop and minimal testing using UiPath Studio on my local laptop
  2. Connect both my laptop and the “VM-Bot” to Orchestrator
  3. Publish the files from my laptop to Orchestrator
  4. Run the bot via the VM

I am assuming you can log in and access the VM, and also that you have licenses to get 2 bots on orchestrator.

Another option could be to install UiPath Studio on the VM and work directly in there, as this will also avoid citrix :slight_smile:

Let me know if this helps, thanks!

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Instead of Citrix recording go for using activities, make sure you validate images using find image and image exists, and try using simulate click.