Basic question: - Run bot on VM

I have a very basic question:

  1. I have a workflow which I want to run in VM.
  2. I run the workflow.
  3. When I logged in the VM it works but
  4. when I minimize or close remote desktop, it doesn’t click images

Is somehow clicking image is linked to system being up?

I am finding it hard to make system click on an image. but when I am in VM, it clicks without any issues


This is just my understanding, but the VM screen is black when it runs in the background like minimized or closed so any image recognition fails.

However, what I have done and works like a charm is use the Invoke Workflow Interactive and set the correct resolution and depth, for example 1920x1080 and 32 depth; you might need to play with those numbers.

So in other words, you have a .xaml file that you use to publish that calls your main .xaml using that activity.

Also, that activity will disconnect you when you run it but you can log back in to watch it if you want after you start it.


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Sounds very interesting approach, though I don’t think it will solve my problem. But I am assuming this has to do something with Azure GUI settings. Anyone else faced this issue ever?


I am also facing the same issue with different scenario (I am new to UiPath)

My Environment:
I have a VM and three sessions on it. example: A, B, and C. (Individual User Name and Password for three sessions)

A: have Orchestrator login.
B: have Bot1 (Unattended)
C: have Bot2 (Unattended)

I have to run a workflow in B (Bot1) even when the VM is closed or minimized or desktop locked.
Same thing for C (Bot2) also.

Can anyone help us on this PLEASE…

Note: I have even created a new thread - How to run a automation process in VM

Dear Folks ,

Do you find solution to the issue stated here . I am facing similar issue . When I run bot in VM and at the same time RDP disconnected due to network issue makes bot runs into exception.

As the Bot runs in VM , it should not seek the local desktop to be connected till it runs.
Most of the time I observed , the bot fails when Hot key activity been called. But there are other scenario where bot fails during disconnection.

Please advise if i am missing any standard here while coding.

Thanks for your help

I am facing the same Issue. did you get any solution for this?