VB, VB.Net or VBScript: which language to learn to become a master in RPA?

Hi, Out of the above 3 languages which language should I learn to gain mastery in RPA tools? I have no background in IT so would appreciate honest inputs? I am facing issues with errors language which is related to VB, I believe.


Well I started on VBA macro-enabled Excel files several several years ago. Then, I learned that you could create a text file with extension .vbs to perform those same actions but with slightly different syntax. Then, I just explored vb.net while using UiPath and learned some of the useful functions that help create efficient automation.

One thing to understand is that if you know it can be done, then you can look up how to do it.

I don’t know if you can really only learn one while not learning the other, since they are all pretty much the same with just slight differences, but I think the most useful skill is vbscript in general because you can run these scripts external from the application that it automates. Learning some LINQ tricks are also useful for using in UiPath.

EDIT: Easiest way to learn VB though is when you can see the functions listed out, so maybe VB or vb.net is better


ahhh., that small scamster ‘maybe’ came again! that’s the whole issue. I need a binary answer: VB or Vb .net or Vbscript.


My binary answer is to learn all 3
You can’t become a master in RPA with knowledge of only one. It also depends on which RPA tool you use because some use javascript.

If you are new to programming, then learn the basics like what variable types can be used and how to use loops and if conditions effectively. The programming language is just a matter of googling the syntax.

You will typically learn as you go too, like you want to output an array of strings to a Write Line, so you look it up and find you can use String.Join(). The next time, you remember it cause you learned it.

I think with UiPath, just learning the most common vb.net lines will improve your skills with that tool, as you don’t necessarily need to use .vbscript or other syntax. You also don’t need to know everything, but just need to know how to look something up; when you type a period next to a variable, it will list all the members which you can look up and figure out what each one is used for and how to use it.

Yep, so my answer is not to learn one, but to learn all 3. haha, you won’t like that answer.


Hello friend, I see that you are very skilled in the IT world. Maybe you’re too busy to help me, but I have hope. I am trying to upload files, for example uploading an excel to a web page that contains information about the workers but they ask me to solve without graphical interaction. I mean using JavaScript to see what methods are triggered when you select the button and the windows window is displayed where you normally capture the file size, path among other things. Do you know how I could do that as an example? I’m really very lost because I do not find much information about that. Sorry my English is not so good, I’m from Peru, I speak Spanish. I hope you can help me :frowning:

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I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “without graphical interaction”. You can do it (usually, not always) with background automation, however it is still interacting with the web page. - so I’m not sure if it’s really without graphical interaction.

I have dabbled a little with web automation using scripting such as VBA, however I don’t recommend this because the sustainability of the job will suffer. - finding the selectors are more challenging as well. You can probably find more info on how to script this online like with various languages (maybe Python or VB). But like I said, it’s only background automation because it still needs the webpage open to interact with, which you can do easier in UiPath.

If you want to perform http requests or execute js to interact with the web page, then I might not be a good person to ask about this.

Sorry if I don’t answer this for you very well.



thank you. I am currently studying level 3. I have a problem when I receive the data queues to be entered in UIDEMO and it does not allow to continue. I’m testing it first in debug mode. Could you see my post and help me?


por favor ayúdame en este post

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Hi @raviei426, how are you?

Partners, I love automation, I Love RPA! Just complementing the great posts and tips from @ClaytonM , allow me to share some comments and experience from my side.

I have some RPAs in my operation since 2014 using VBA macro-enabled Excel files . The Windows API’s is the key of the success!

I’ve created my own tools using Microsoft Windows API’s. More examples below

The problem is not to create the RPA itself but maintain,sustain and spread it over the globe!

There’s a lot of RPA tools in the market and the background of these tools i can guarantee that is the translation of these Windows APIs to a easy way allowing the user to handle and create automation easily and faster!That’s the big magic! The UiPath the best and completed one worked until now.

Microsoft API’s are native from windows, It’s not something new and it’s really great to study and learn about!

But, in order to have a robust and standardized RPA solution the best way is to adopt some great RPA tool. I choose UiPath in order to help my company to spread RPA over the globe!

I have some RPA’s running in the old way until migrate everything to UiPath.

Check my instagram @WorldofRPA.

If you want i can share some VBA code is case of interesting.

~Diego Turati

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Learn vb.net. you don’t need RPA tools like uipath. Code it and you’ll be golden. Vb.net gives the flexibility of not only having the options to control Microsoft office tools but as well as controlling the web with selenium. You’ll find that uipath or any RPA tool has limitations and you can find a way to push past those limitations with coding. Note visual basics works on Microsoft computers not very well with apple.

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I will speak from experience, to compliment the excellent advice given in this post.

VB.net will be the main one to learn as that is the language UiPath uses. It is a good platform to start with and will help you understand the language structure for when (and if) UiPath makes the leap to C#.

As for VBscript, only consider this if your company has SAP. SAP scripting utilizes VBscript when you do a recording through its interface. You do not need to have an extensive understanding for this, but it helps to read the code output that is generated within the .vbs file.

One language I will add is VBA. If you are using excel within your office, definitely understand VBA. Not only for yourself, but also if you end up taking care of an automation where someone implemented their own VBA macro.