What programming languages or tools to become good at manipulating Excel files?

When you read about UiPath Online its says that it is a RPA tool that does not require any programming language. I know have come to a stage where I feel like I need to learn some of the programming languages used with UiPath/RPA.

What tools/languages do you recommend to learn first to become even more effective as a developer in UiPath and especially with manipulating Excel files?

I have looked into starting to learn VB.NET and LINQ, is that a good start?
Or should I learn C# first?

I want to learn this so please give me some sources or tips about what I should focus at.

I have gone through the UiPath Academy but I still feel like I need more powerful tools under my “belt”.
I dont know if some of you guys/girls feel the same as myself.

@atomic, yes you are at a good start, The Microsoft Website would be a great place to look for tutorials, because it is kept up to date if there are new changes to the language they update the document as well. and since you specifically wanna understand the excel functionalities with UiPath i think it would help to also look at VBA that’s a language used to automate excel/Office by recording and running Macros.