Starting RPA traineeship, recommendations vb .net resources


I’ll be starting a traineeship for RPA developer in 2 months. As I can’t wait, I’ve already started learning UIPath by following the academy courses. I’m doing the RPA developer foundation learning path now.
I don’t have a real background in coding, but I’ve learned some basic actionscript (flash) years ago and work a lot with excel in which I can set up complex formulas to get the right data.
While watching the academy videos, I noticed they often mention “We’ll use the following method/expression”. I would like to learn more about these different methods and expressions, where do I start?
I don’t plan on learning them all from the top of my head, but I want to get a general idea of the possibilities and where to look if I want to know more. Maybe a good reference guide/book?
Is the best language to learn to become a good RPA developer?

All input is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Learn C# and powershell instead of VB will have good training material for VB, C#, powershell and many other programming languages.

If you want deep knowledge of these 3 languages, refer Microsoft official documentation or any other Microsoft courses

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