Using uipath form builder, want the user to select a few rows from an existing datatable and discard the unselected ones

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I am a new UIPath Studio user, and my use case is that I have a data table of 4 columns and 70 rows. I am able to show that data table to user using uipath form. What dont understand is how to give user the option to select multiple rows in the form by clicking on them and then once user presses submit in the form, the flow removes the unselected rows from the datatable and keep the ones selected. I tried using radio buttons in the form but cannot figure out how to do this. Any sample/example that someone has already done something like that would be very helpful. If this use case is not possible using form builder, is there any alternative method to achieve the same result?

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I was looking for the same problem, i have managed this by adding a column with checkboxes and using those for selecting the row

you want to display only the selected data after use clicks submit?

I recommend create a separate button that will do that. And put the condition on the initial data table view to go hidden once the button is clicked, then show the selected items by using the new container and in that put condition to only show those parts that are selected (if it eas selected in the above section which we hid now, you can use the variable to decide which one to keep and which one to remove)

Did you ever find a way to do this? I have a file selector working and populating a data grid, but I hate having to click the edit button to check the box then click save. I just want the checkbox active right there in the data grid. The user scrolls down and checks the boxes for the items they want, and then my datatable is updated to flag that column true for the selected items.

I have everything working except eliminating the edit button and save clicks.