How pass datatable as checkbox or selectboxes in Form.Activities

Hi, everyone.

I tried to use UiPath.Form.Activities to create form which data from Excel.

Text field and text area work, but checkbox or selectboxes can’t be passed correctly.

Can anyone help me? Thnaks.


form.xlsx (9.3 KB) Main.xaml (10.6 KB)

Hi @lojyehuang,
I’m not sure if this is possible without any additional customization. @Tamilselvan could you help here?

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Hi @lojyehuang - thanks for the inquiry. We will check this internally to see if we can resolve and follow up with you. Thanks.


@lojyehuang I created one sample workflow to use checkbox, selectbox. Please let me know if this solved your ask.
dt checkbox.xaml (10.5 KB)
cc: @sangL

Thanks for you answer. It seems that checkbox can only input Boolean variables, but selectbox will show all of content in my dt. The user(not developer) might confuse about the output interface.
Do we have another solution about selectbox which shows each row of content , not all rows ?

Hi @lojyehuang You can deserialize the output json using deserialize activity and show whichever row you want. We have modified the workflow shared by @Tamilselvan to demonstrate the same. (41.2 KB)

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Thanks, @Nishant_Tanwar
I can get the content of selectedbox by json.
But I want to show this form like ↓ (only show the value of “mm” in dt and check it)

Instead of ↓

@lojyehuang If you want to show static string, you can use label or a disabled text field but checkbox won’t come for them.

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