How to check a checkbox using datatable in UiPath

I want to check a particular checkbox according to the fields i have created in my build datatable.

Now in this image i want that if country name is selected from build data table activity in uipath then along with checkbox should also select.

Hi @ig250097,

you can use ‘Get Attribute’ to determine if the checkbox is checked or unchecked

Like this



Hello @ig250097

There is also an activity called “Check” which you could simply pass the selector based on the country.
As long as you leave the action to “Check”.

Hi ,

How can i pass the selector based on the country so that checkbox along with that country is selected.
I have used find text element and highlight activity to find the country but how to click on checkbox along with the country selected.Please help on this.

Hi @ig250097,

I don’t know how that specific website works, but normally the checkbox is selected with a selector that might include ‘aaname = Denmark’ for example, for the selection of Denmark, then you could create a variable to receive the country from the previous selector, and rename the part of the selector containing aaname to:

‘aaname = “+variableCountry+”’.

Then the selctor would be change according to the country that was previously chosen.