Using UI path in Azure WVD and its behaving weirdly

Hi I am posting on behalf of my customer. I have zero knowledge about UI path.
My customer is currently using UI path in Azure Windows virtual desktop VMs which are running on Windows 10. They have installed UI path paid version in one machine and UI path free version in another machine, they are complaining that the automation jobs written in UI path free version are showing up and working for couple of days and after that they keep disappearing. The jobs keep missing. Is there any information or lead about why this is happening? any suggestions to make sure to stop the jobs disappearing?

Please help me.

Hi @Agassi_joel,
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The free (Community) edition is not anyhow limited for numbers of runtimes etc. I’m not sure how the configuration on your side is looking like but probably (if it’s VM machine) something might be related to snapshot/backup of VM machine and makes it gone. However it’s nothing related to UiPath. It’s rather wrong or bad configuration on you side.

Another question is which type of Orchestrator do you use. Is it on-prem Orchestrator or Community One? Are both Studio’s (CE and EE) connected to same Orchestrator tenant? How robot configuration is being set?

Without those details it’s hard to say what exactly can be wrong.

I will get more details on what you have asked. “something might be related to snapshot/backup of VM machine and makes it gone” what do you mean by this? The VMs are configured correctly and there is no backup or snapshot taken or happening.

It was only my suggestion. I have some server management experience and it happened couple times that some data were missing on some machines and after investigation it occurred that some machines were in persistent state. Which means that particular machine was booted from closed “golden” image so every action made on the machine was not saved permanently and after reboot machine was in previous state.

The machine are all running with persistent disks. Let me get back to you with the details of the UI path they are using.