UIPath Enterprise Studio with Cloud Community issue

I have software Issue on UI Path studio .So I can’t use it from the first download.image

Hello @Mohammed_Shehata ,

You have UiPath enterprise?
If yes, did you checked if Robot Service is running from Microsoft services?

If is not running, start it and try again.


How can i reach to this window ?

i found it but i found only Robot,after click:

i wouls like to inform you that ;

Could you plz help me what is the Issue??

That service should be in started mode.

Do you have full permissions (Admin) on this machine?
Check also the Event viewer logs, maybe there is an error or so.

I hope it helps.


No i don’t have .what should i ask for from my Administrator of my machine to solve this issue?
Event viewer logs ? what is this??

i tried to sign in but i can not also:

Hi @Mohammed_Shehata

I would suggest contact with our technical support who will guide you here. You are trying to use your Enterprise installation of Studio together with the Community Cloud account and that scenario is not compatible.

Thank you alot.
i shoud use Uipath comunity. i install it (UIpath 21.4 and it’s run. But Robot is not exist .Orchestrator: default tenant :image
image .

image .

Could you help me how i add UIpath Robot ?

UiPath Robot is mostly a service that runs the automations. For the user, it is the UiPath Assistant that controls it and allows you to configure it :slight_smile:

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thank you

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