In the orchestrator I have other results than on the VM or PC

Please help me if you can help me with the following problem. I created a process in uipath that runs smoothly from VM or PC.

I uploaded it to Orchestrator and from here the problem starts, the process is buggy, no selectors are found, not all excel files are processed or email cannot be sent.

And in some moments, even though I upload to the process and send the new packages, the moment I run it, the orchestrator is still on the old process.

This whole process runs on a VM licensed by the Orchestrator.

Hi @lorin.cristian

Could you please add more details around your process?

First thing to try would be to try and create the simplest working one, and go from there to see what might be going wrong.

Could you let us know the versions of your Studio, the activity packages used in the process and some basic details about your Orchestrator and Cloud robot configuration?