Orchestrator is weird

Hi Folks,

I’m facing a issue with orchestrator. My orchestrator data’s are getting deleted automatically. Even my Robots and all the data’s getting deleted and starting like a new user in orchestrator. Also its creating multiple tenants with same email ID. Given any solution for this issue. Thanks is advance!!!

Hi @vignesh.ks
Welcome to the UiPath Community! And sorry to hear you are facing issues with your orchestrator.

Can you give more details about your orchestrator? Are you using cloud instance or is it an on-premise installation? Also, are there any other users who have access to this environment?
Maybe post a few screenshots?

If you go to the ‘Audit’ section which is accessible from your display icon in the top right corner, it will tell you more information about deleted assets or data.

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

Yup, I’m using cloud orchestrator. I have attached some screen shots of my orchestrator.


Hi, Please find the Audit log screenshot.


Hi @vignesh.ks

The audit logs don’t show any robots or assets getting created?

Hi, Good morning!

Yes, even the audit logs are also getting deleted whenever I’m trying to log-in.


Hey Vignesh @vignesh.ks

If you’re using Enterprise license, it’s best to get help from UiPath technical support.
If you’re on community cloud, no direct tech support but the silver lining is there are no sunk costs. I would say try deleting a few clients, start over (if possible, with a new email address) and see if the issue still persists.
It must be a one-off because this is not the expected behaviour.
Maybe UiPath’s official crew will have some experience with such an issue before
@loginerror @pablito @arep

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Hi Guys,
Indeed it looks very weird. Like @RPAForEveryone said if it is an Enterprise license then please follow to the technical support. If it is an our Community Cloud Orchestrator then let me know and I will try to reach the team.

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Pablito, how u doing?

I have the same issue, i trying to use the trial of the Enterprise, when i try open a ticket, have a field with i can´t complete (License Code) and i don´t have this information, because this we can´t open a ticket.

On this image, i don´t have access to the key.

Hi @douglas.flores
Go to Organization Settings link on this page, this is where you will find the license code (16-digit)

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