Using task capture and get error message"

Running task capture and while accessing SAP Scripting I get a pop box that says Issue with Selector generation. I am not sure what this issue is. I review the “visit documentation to find the solutions for SAP issues” and then get a screen that says no robot is configured for this current user. I am not trying to run a BOT to document a process. Please advise.

Hi @tajuana.walls

The Issue with Selector generation error typically occurs when UiPath is unable to generate a reliable selector for an element in the SAP GUI. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as changes to the SAP GUI interface or limitations in the UiPath SAP scripting integration.

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@Nitya1 Thank you, is there a way to bypass this and continue to create the task capture process?

For issue with task capture , I think you may need to review the documentation and tutorials provided by UiPath

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