SAP Selector not identified

Hello Everyone,

I have something weird when I work with SAP.

On 2 workstations, I have a studio installed, version 19.4.4, with those packages :

  • UiPath.System => 19.4.1
  • UiPath.UiAutomation => 19.4.2

The SAP GUI is 740, scripts are allowed server side and on both workstation.

The problem is, on the first workstation, I can select every field in SAP with the selector <sap id=“****”

On the other worksation, I cannot. I have a selector <wnd id=“***” and nothing is accessible.

When UIPath released the SAP Selector (<sap ), which component was updated (activities, studio ?)
If you have any idea about this problem ? I’m getting out of ideas right now :slight_smile:


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HI @vdarold

I would highly recommend to use UI Automation Package 20.04 and above

See my full note here: SAP Automation - what’s new in UiPath Studio 20.4

Best regards, Lev

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Thanks @LevKushnir,

I will ensure that.

Hello @LevKushnir,

All the packages are with the 20.4.2 version and the problem is still here, with no dependencies problem.

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@vdarold I do not know, why on Machine 1 is all good and on Machine 2 is all bad :slight_smile:

I was just saying that we did a huge developement step in 2019-2020 and I recommend to use UiAutomation Pack 20.4

To the machine issue, I would check this SAP Login Error - #6 by LevKushnir

Best regards, Lev

Hello @LevKushnir,

It was in SAP level, the scripting was activated both server side and client side, but THIS particulary user couldn’t run script. So that was the problem.

If it could help someone for the futur, even if script if activated, check the user.

Thanks for your help.


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