SAP Selectors Not Working

Resolution for SAP Selectors found not working.

Issue Description: When using SAP activities, icons are not selectable and the error: ""This control is not a SAP element and is not supported by the current activity." is thrown.

Error Message: "Unable to connect to the SAP scripting Interface." Selectors do not generate the right control elements.

Root Cause: This can occur when the pre-requisites are not met or there may be other edge cases that can cause this issue.

One particular edge case is that the SAP application is running with different integrity levels (i.e. one application is elevated, the other is not). SAP will only allow two applications to interact if they have the same integrity levels. This is different than other applications where the application with a higher integrity level can interact with application with lower integrity levels.

Diagnosing Steps:

  1. If the automation or Studio is throwing an error, first try addressing that based on the error (most times the error gives a hint of the issue)
  2. Verify all the pre-requisites are full-filled as outlined at Enabling SAP GUI Scripting
  3. If the above requirements are met, then check to see if the Robot or SAP is running with elevation.
    1. Open Task Manager
    2. Go to the Details Tab
    3. On one of the columns, right click and add the field 'Elevated'
    4. Locate the SAP application. Check to see if it is elevated.
    5. Locate the UiPath application (It can be Studio or the Robot). Check to see if it is elevated.
    6. Here is an example screenshotimage.png
    7. If SAP or the UiPath application is elevated, this will create an issue. In this case both applications need to run with the same elevation.(HINT: If this issue is encountered, try opening SAP with UiPath. When one application opens another, it usually opens the other application with the same elevation).
  4. If the above steps do not work, do the following:
    1. Capture the Robot logs or any exceptions encountered.
    2. If possible, generate some screenshots that validate that SAP is configured correctly (this shall help to confirm if it is not a simple configuration issue)
    3. Submit a ticket to UiPath with the above details and a detailed description of the issue observed.