SAP Selector Issues

Hi All,

Am facing an issue with SAP selectors in production environment. Scripting is enabled from both server and client side. UiPath studio is able to detect the screen and its elements but when we trigger the robot selectors are failing during execution.

Any help would be appreciated !

Thank You
Muhammed Roshan MK

Is the issue occurring when you are running it from Orchestrator in prod?
Is it working in other environment in unattended mode?


We have a studio installed in production so even when I attempt to trigger the process from there it’s failing with selector issue. When we open in ui explorer selector used to be a valid one and getting highlighted properly . Basically none of the SAP selectors are not working rest of the application it’s working fine.

Very strange as I have done many SAP Automation in past but never faced such issue.

Hope someone have the similar issue in past to resolve this :slightly_smiling_face:.

You have to do some RND on this.

1 . Create simple workflow on the prod machine and check if that is working or not.
2. How the other process working on same machine?
3. If possible change prod machine to some other prod machine to run your process.
4 . Make sure scripting enabled at both end.

Sometimes Environment issues occur which are always hard to find.


Same here…

I made a simple workflow to click an icon on sap screen and it’s causing selector issue during run time but when I right click and validate it highlites properly.


Please give more details?
How the selector looks like?
which error you will get?
which UiAutomation Version is used?`

Screenshots will be very helpful


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The issue got resolved when i triggered automation project from Orchestrator in un attended mode.

Not sure what’s causing this behavior.

One more update.

Before the admin was installing UiPath Robot first and later if required he was installing studio in production.
But recently we attempted installing only UiPath studio using msi installer in production server and now SAP selector works fine.

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