Capture selectors for SAP elements

I can’t be able to capture selectors for some elements.
For Example:
When I try to capture selector for a text box using type into activity, whole screen is captured instead of that particular element.
I tried capturing using all three frameworks available, but it doesn’t help.
Please suggest how I can overcome the issue.

Check out this link:


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ensure that SAP Scripting is enabled

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Hi @PriyankaRaja

Ensure that the application you are working with is compatible with UiPath automation. Some applications may have complex user interfaces or custom controls that may not be fully supported by UiPath. Check UiPath’s compatibility documentation or reach out to UiPath support for guidance on specific applications, also confirm that the element you are trying to capture is visible on the screen. If the element is not currently visible or is hidden behind other elements or windows, UiPath may not be able to capture its selector accurately. Make sure the element is visible before attempting to capture its selector.


hey some screens in sap have these issues, since you are able to spy some elements its definitely not scripting issue.

Can you try recording script in sap n check if that works.