Using set Transaction Progress for unique data to use in Queue retries

Hi Team

I’ve looked at previous questions but can’t quite find the answer.

I’ve built a process which has quite distinct actions which I don’t want repeating if the queue item fails and needs to be retried - the process would need to bypass the already carried out actions.

I’ve been advised I can use the Set Transaction Progress function to provide unique data to the queue item and then retrieve and read the data if the queue item is retired.

For example, in my process a ticket is created and a ticket number generated. I want to add this to the Progress field e.g image

and then have a flow decision in my process layer like this

and if the answer is True then it will miss out the parts of the process that creates a ticket.

Is this possible by this or any other method? If it is, please can you help with the expression to extract the ticket number (which is always a 8 digit number) :slight_smile: i’m not quite sure what this is!

Thanks in advance