Get TransactionItem.Progress

I’ve been experimenting with Queues and the Set Transaction Progress functionality. I’ve seen my question asked in the forum but couldn’t find any straight answers…

All I want to do is get the progress of a queue item and print it in a message box. But TransactionItem.Progress returns an empty string. Am I doing something wrong?



You’d have to get the item again to get the current progress.

If you Get Transaction the Progress value is set at that moment. You put it into a variable (TransactionItem) and the Progress value is set. Then you update the Progress value of the item in the Queue but this does not update your variable.

I think I get what you’re saying. So what would be the best way to “refresh” my TransactionItem?

You don’t need to.

Wherever you use the Set Transaction Progress activity, immediately after it do an Assign and set TransactionItem.Progress to the same value you just used Set Transaction Progress to set it to.

Basically you update the queue item with Set Transaction Progress then update your TransactionItem.Progress value to the same thing manually with an assign.

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Ah, I see. Was thinking that would automatically update but this is a decent workaround. Thanks!

Yeah there’s no, like, link or connection between the TransactionItem variable and the actual Queue Item. When you Get Transaction you now have it in a variable and that variable’s values don’t change if the Queue Item changes.

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