How to get the Progress of the queue item

Hello Guys,

We were using set transaction progress activity to set custom progress to the queue item. When I am trying to retrieve that progress from studio its showing an empty value . Below is the one I have used to get that

(Queue Item Variable)TransactionItem.Progress

Could anyone suggest on this, Thanks in advance

Hi @ushu,

The syntax you are using is correct. Each Transaction Item has its own Progress and it can be set to a string variable provided its status is in-progress.

By the description you provide there can be three reasons

  1. Your Set Transaction Progress activity probably sets an empty string as Progress. i.e. TransactionItem.Progress = "" or if you use a variable that variable is empty TransactionItem.Progress = MyProgressVariable

  2. The Transaction Item you are polling with TransactionItem.Progress is a transaction item for which a custom progress was never allocated. i.e. when you are using Get Transaction Item, a new queue item is being read and not an transaction item which has a progress string allocated.

  3. By default, the Set Transaction Progress has some requirements. Only In-Progress queue items are allowed to have TransactionItem.Progress property. You will not find any string as value for this property if the item is already in one of these states : New, Successfull, Failed (Either system or business exception)

Thanks jeevith, will check the above conditions and let you know

Can you please confirm following, if following is reflecting your scenario:

  • you are working a transaction item - myTI Var
  • you do set the progress - using myTI and the Set Progress activity
  • later in the process you are trying to access myTI.Progress but get a Null for this

In case of the description is matching your scenario have a look here:

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