Using Set Transaction Progress at the moment of retry transaction from the failre point

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well. I have a question regarding on how can I address this situation. I address this situation using other RPA tools. But in this case in UiPath I don´t know how.


I have a process with 3 steps, also I have a work queue item that successfully complete step 1 and 2, but when processing the step 3 there is a system exception, so the REF framework is going to retry that work queue item again from step 1, but the for business purposes the step 1 and 2 cannot be executed again on that same work queue item. So the question is:

How can I address this problem and force work queue item to continue in the retry from step 3 and not from step 1?

I know there is the Set Transaction Progress activity but also I know that when the REF marked that item as Failed and a new one is created for retry, the transaction progress information is erased.

And my last question: If at the moment of set transaction status to Failed because of system exception, and passed an Ouput value to the queue, When the orchestrator mark the item as Failed and retry it creating a new one, that output information is going to be in the new item created by the orchestrator?

Hi @MikeRPA
Did your first question implies u want to retry with same transaction item which is failed?

Ideally it should be fixed and progress information should not get lost after retry. If its not then please report it to UiPath team (Bug / Feature Submission in Studio or here in Forum).

Have a try if you can retrieve the progress statum from old TI e.g. by Api

Can u try this concept around for your first question
I am not sure whether it works or not
Main.xaml (24.5 KB)

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