Using Office 365 Get Mail Activity with shared mailbox


I’m trying to use the Get Mail activity from the Office 365 pack to get the mails from a shared mailbox. It says in this page : Get Mail (, that you can une the Account property to access a shared mailbox.

the thing is I can’t find any example of this online. do you simply change this property in the get mail activity to the mailbox you want to reach without changing the 365 scope credentials? (assuming the address used to log in the 365 scope have access to the shared mailbox)

I using get ‘Get IMAP Mail msg’ activity to achieve it.

email: acccount\shared mailbox alias ex.\shared_mailbox_alias
password: your account password

Account have to be has access to the shared mailbox

Here you can read more about it:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Have a view on this thread with similar scenario and it can be implemented provided you have outlook configured in your machine

Cheers @Francois_Pare-Lavoie