Get mails from shared mailbox returns AccessDenied

If I open https:\ in a browser with the robot user, I can see the shared folder and open its emails.

If I use activity “Microsoft Office 365 Scope” and “Get maiI” I can see the robots emails. But if I try to get mails from the shared mailbox I get an AccessDenied. To what and where do I need to grant access?

Properties to Get Mail:

Error message:

Hi @Claus

For using Microsoft Office 365 Scope and its activities, please make sure the setup steps are completed as explained in UiPath Docs:

Once the App Registration is set up as prescribed and the administrator has granted the correct permissions the mail retrieval should work.
As explained on the input section of the Get Mail document:

  • Account - (Optional) The email address with which to interact.
    This may include any shared mailbox to which the current user has access rights. If left blank, the current user’s account is assumed.

I am still waiting for an internal Azure admin to help me, I will be back with the result of it later this week.

I followed the guide but it didn’t work!

Then I got an Azure admin to do the same and now it is working, permissions is the key to success. We had to create an ApplicationSecretID to get it to work.

Below you will find my properties for the Microsoft Office 365 Scope

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