How to get emails from inbox folder in a shared mailbox using robot’s account using office 365 scope

hello guys,

so i am trying to use micorosft office 365 scope to read a shared email inbox. have anyone tried out different services in that scope ? instead of mail , there is a shared option as well.

what is working for me so far?

i have used my personal account to read email from my personal account using Microsoft 365 scope, but the task is reading a share email inbox using my account.

if you guys check get mail activity there is an account which is optional. Have anyone had any success with that?

also currently i am using Integrated windows as an authentication type. did anyone have any luck with other method? using username and password to authenticate is what i am looking for.



Hello @aveekpaul ,

Shared mailboxes will need to have the proper set up in order for you to access them.
You might want to check with your Admin to see if you have the right permissions in place to read the Shared mailbox in question.

Exchange permissions supersede what you can do using UiPath activities or any other tool that you use to access a shared mailbox.

Maybe this article will help: