How to use O365 activity to read Emails from Shared Mail folder?

Have Office 365 Scope Defined using Application ID and Secret.
Get Mail - Account set as User.

Setting Mail Folder as Inbox - works fine, so connection and permissions are OK.

Issue is how to accessed a Shared Mailbox?

Have tried “outboundmessages\Inbox” with and without leading slash characters. Where the shared mailbox name is “outboundmessages”.

The latest packages have been installed.

The Account field has to be set as the user according to the documentation for this type of UnAttended Robot connection.

Any suggestions?

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Hey @DavidMartin

In the account field you are using the shared mail account ID ?


Hi NK,

As I said in my post, as it is O365 and I am using Application ID with Secret for the connection in O365 Scope. The Account ID has to be the “User Account”, as per the documentation. Without that, no emails are available.

Regards, Dave

Hey @DavidMartin

Yep I understand that.

But just trying to understand if that Client ID and secret has the access to the shared mailbox. If yes I believe we can use it in the account field of the activity.


Hi NK,
Not sure if there is some confusion here.
The “Application ID” and “Secret” give access to O365.
The “Account” is the user for the context.
The Shared mailbox is not a “User”.

When accessing Outlook with the “User” account, they can access the Shared Mailbox.

Regards, Dave


FWIW, we also use O365 activities with Application ID and Secret authentication, and for our Outlook activities we provide the shared mailbox email address in the ‘Account’ property to access the shared mailboxes.

Hey @moosh

Thanks for sharing. This is what I was trying to explain @DavidMartin but still it was a guess of course.


Hi moosh,

Thanks for sharing your experience.
We have tried that and it did not work.
It complained that the “Shared Mailbox” did not have access. In my opinion, that is correct. The Shared mailbox does not have any user permissions associated with it.

Are your Shared mailboxes created as full users in Outlook 365?

Regards, Dave

I believe we also had that error, and would always get it for new shared mailboxes, until infrastructure would add the shared mailbox address to the Azure app. I always thought it odd, but it worked.

I don’t think the shared mailboxes are full users and my understanding is they don’t consume an O365 licence. I could be mistaken on that though. I’ll have to go digging for more info, it’s been quite some time since it was all set up.

Yes, that is what we have seen. The Shared mailboxes do not have an O365 licence.

As a temporary work around, we have configured the emails to be copied to a specific Outlook user account.

If it anybody finds a solution to the issue or if UiPath Development can enhance the activity, it would be good to know.