Using Multiple Users in same Windows 10 Machine

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I have been reading about High Density Robots and link below:

My requirement is I wish to install 1 Robot in a Machine running Windows 10, which will work as a common Machine for users to login and run Robots.

Each user has their seperate login credentials and they will login to same machine and run the BOT.

My doubts is:

  1. How to set up Robot for such scenerio step by step ?

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Hi @mayank_26,
What type of robot are you considering in your case? If it’s unattended then you need to remind about Windows 10 limitation (by default only one active session at the time). High Density Robots are developed to run on Windows Server, so we are talking here about AD environment.

Hi Pablito,

Thank you so much for quick response. :slight_smile:

I am trying to deploy attended Robot, in AD environment then.


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It sounds like what you want is actually a Standard Attended Robot.
Check out the types of robots here for more info:

An attended robot can be used to assist someone using the machine to do tasks, but can’t run when the machine is locked. So you can have someone do something to start the robot, then enter some details and the robot can do things based on what the person has entered.

The official documentation can guide you through installing a robot on the machine and activating a licence:

Support are also happy to help with most of these tasks once you’ve purchased a licence.

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Were u able to find the solution ? i have the same requirement



Hi Neha,

Sorry this idea was dropped as i didnt find any solution to it.