Run more than one robot on the same machine on different users

I need to run two robots on a single machine, but on different users. Is that right to do? Or does each robot have to run on different machines?

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Hi @ronaldo.junior

Yah of course two or more users can run with a machine and with its robot
but only in sequence and not at a time

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Hi @ronaldo.junior
I guess that you thinking about High-Density Robots:


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Of course it is right to do and is possible
Provided you have High density robot environment and Concurrent runtime licenses with you

High density robot -
High-Density Robots is a feature that ensures a full utilization of each machine at your disposal at its maximum potential. As a result, regardless of the Windows version a machine is running on, if you have multiple users on it, you can register a Robot on each of the users.

Any type of Robot, be it an Attended, Unattended or NonProduction one can be configured in a High-Density environment.

To set up High-Density Robots on a Windows Server machine, please see the Setting Up Windows Server for High-Density Robots chapter.

Concurrent runtime license - now called as MULTIUSER LICENSE
The runtime represents the maximum number of Robots that can simultaneously run on a specific machine and it is manually customizable

For detailed notes on license

hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @ronaldo.junior