UiPath Robots - High Density - Unattended Robots

Hello all, My setup for bot Attended and Unattended robots is via Terminal Services.

Now reading https://robot.uipath.com/docs/about-high-density-robots I need to configure the Unattended Robots as Login to Console, yet when I do this, as there is only one service account running the Robot Agent, I can only ever have a 1-2-1 mapping of Unattended Robot to System.

I need to have multiple Unattended Robots running and also multiple Attended Robots. The Attended are NOT an issue, but please can someone explain how I achieve more that one Unattended?

I have read also https://www.uipath.com/kb-articles/interactive-sessions which kind of explains the behaviour I am seeing, but I am now unsure how I use this FreeRDP or do I just configure my Robots to NOT “Login to Console” and that will be fine? Our testing thus far seems to work this way, but not sure it reads correct.

Any previous experience appreciated.

PS. I have NO UiPath.settings file on any of my servers?

Did you get an official statement?

Hi @stuartpollicott @Stephu

The Login To Console needs to be set to False in the High Density setup, see here: