Robot installations

Is it possible to install more than one robot to one Windows Server?
Where can I found some documentation about installing robot to virtual environment?

Hello @Mikko,

Maybe this could help you:



Thanks @Susana
Those links are related to Orchestrator, but are you able to create multiple simultaneously execution at same Windows Server machine by creating scheduled task (Windows Task Scheduler) for different users?

Hi @Mikko,
Take a look at this:



We have frontend robot, so is that problematic?
I updated UiPath settings file (console stuff) and tried to launch simultaneously two different scheduled task but another task failed;

Task Scheduler successfully completed task “\Test\NotepadProcess2” , instance “{21bb9f78-fe86-4a8e-9d06-bed0e8917170}” , action “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\UiRobot.exe” with return code 2147942401.

Is it so that we should have backend robot to execute two or more simultaneously robot execution with different users with one robot at same machine?