Using hotkeys in excel

Hello community,

I am automating a process where i want to transpose the content of an excel file into another excel file. Currently I am doing:

  1. Open excel file with content
  2. Selecting cell “B2”
  3. Marking all content from cell “B2” (ctrl + shift + end)
  4. Copying content (ctrl + c)
  5. Opening empty excel file
  6. Opening the paste options dialog (ctrl + alt + v)
  7. Selecting transpose (e)
  8. Clicking “ok” (enter)

I am trying to use the “Type Into” activity for the hotkeys, because apparently there’s an issue with the “Send Hotkeys” activity (Have this been fixed yet? Link to issue: Issue with Send HotKeys )

I have several questions or problems. Mainly it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. Secondly UiPath puts a percentage sign in front of my string containing hotkeys automatically. What is this, and why does UiPath put it there? (Example: If i type “[d(ctrl)][d(shift)][k(end)][u(ctrl)][u(shift)]”, UiPath automatically changes it to “%[d(ctrl)][d(shift)][k(end)][u(ctrl)][u(shift)]”.)

I suspect the issue being related to the selection of the cell “B2” I have tried “Select Range”, but this doesn’t work. It may also be the fact that I havn’t selected an element to type into.

Any suggestions?


Could you try using “Read Range” to get the required data, and then “Write Range” to paste it? You could then automate the transposition section afterwards?

This might bypass some of the hotkey issues you are having.


Hi @slekve,

I don’t think I got everything what you have mentioned.

But is this something which can be done using Macros? If yes then go ahead and create a Macro and then you can execute the macro from UiPath.


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I would prefer to do it this way. But transposing a datatable in UiPath is, of my knowledge, not the most straight forward task.

This might help with the transposition?

Dear Slekve,

I know that you have resolved this issue. But i want to share my experience with you.
I have also face the same issue and it is a uipath issue. But here you can do one thing rather writing them manually select them from the drop down in that case it will put % .
One more thing you should note here is that whenever you want to change this string. Always write the entire string again.
If you do so it will not put %.

Hope it will work for you.