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Hi All,

I am trying to perform ctrl+c using type into activity as hot keys are not working fine in excel, can anyone tell me what is the mistake I am doing. I have attached the screen shot.
I want to copy a specific range from one excel sheet to other, even alternate solution is also fine but I want to avoid data tables.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, how can I type in ‘enter’?

Use send hotkey activity.

I tried but it’s putting the formula in only

Did you try type into?

yup I did

Try tab. If that din’t work can you please share sample file and your requirement so that I can help out .


2808 - v5.6 - Copy - Copy.xaml (202.2 KB)

With out excel file i cannot review the code and also it showing some error because of the different versions of UIpath we both are using.

It was for each activity. I am using 2018.3 version

@sangasangasanga Can you tell me the reason for using enter key there?

The formula is entered in the cell but not executed.

@sangasangasanga Usually when u entered formula using it will be executed automatically no need of enter hot key is required in your case.

And in your case writing to cell works in background after that you have given enter hot key, in this situation hot key will be no use, since hotkey works on only opened and active windows. That makes your hot key invalid in your case.

The hot key wa suggested to me to try.

Yup but it’s not doing that

@sangasangasanga Usally formula will be executed automatically, i used couple of times vLookup. Check the your formula thoroughly might be mistake in ur formula.

If u really want to use hot key in this case, inside application scope use both write cell and send hot key activity. Hot key may require selector so use attach window for it or use selector directly in send hot key. Try with out selectors once if doesn’t work then use selectors.

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this is my formula

i will try your other suggestion and let you know

@sangasangasanga If Project2 is folder name give backslash like other folders in the path u have mentioned.

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