Issue with type into activity in excel

Hi all,

In my process bot has to select the entire column for which I am using sent hotkey ctrl+shift+down,then I need to used ctrl+d for which I tried send hotkey as well as type into where in both cases letter is entered instead of ctrl+d function.

Please help.

This isn’t how you interact with Excel files. You read them into a datatable with Read Range, manipulate the data in your datatable, then write it back to the Excel file with Write Range.

Thanks postwick for the suggestion…But in B2 cell I am writing a formula then I perform ctrl+d so in all cells the formula gets entered…I can use vlookup where it takes a long time and this is a simple process for which reframework isn’t used to.

For this you can you write formula using Write cell and then instead of using UiAutomation using send hot key you can use - Invoke BA code and use AutoFill.

Thanks Divyashreem, it worked.

Thanks much.

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