Send Hotkey Issue - Incorrect action performed


I am sending hotkey combination of CTRL+F to display the Find and Replace window in Excel but it is opening up “Format Cells” window. Can anyone please help me with this on what might be the case? As “F” is not a special key, I have unchecked that option. Can you please advise


Instead of using send hotkey activity use type into activity “[k(ctrl)]f”

Hi @Jaycee_Salvador, This doesn’t work. This just types “f” in the screen. But I understand that Type Into activity can be a replacement. Am not a big fan of Type Into activity, should I just type In the expression which you gave?

make sure that you don’t tick the simulatetype property

just click on indicate on the screen in send hotkeys and run it:slightly_smiling_face:

Check “ClickBeforetyping” property in property panel and give it a try :smiley:

@abhyudai_munna @Rakesh5i @Jaycee_Salvador - I tried all of your suggestions but it doesn’t seem to work. I guess Uipath has lot of intermittent bugs.

could you please share your XMAL so that we can know what actually happening.

@abhyudai_munna - As it’s a confidential data, I cannot provide my xml file/screenshot here. I understand it’s difficult to relate to the problem without screenshot/xaml file but I am nit allowed to share it. Apologies.

@Rakesh5i @abhyudai_munna @Jaycee_Salvador -Can you please look into the below post and share your views/idea?