Send HotKey ctrl-F to excel does nothing

I have tried seemingly every variant I can think of in target, etc. It should open the find dialog and does if I do it manually but everything I try won’t let the robot do it. this is on excel on the same computer that the uipath studio community edition is running on.CompanyList.xlsx (8.7 KB)
Main.xaml (18.3 KB)

Give a try with lower case f (ctrl f)


I find using “Type Into” works better, but that’s just me.
You can do “[d(ctrl)]f[u(ctrl)]”

You can also add in the string to find like

I also use this for all the menu items like coloring and formatting cells with the Alt keystroke combinations that show up when you press Alt in Excel.


Thank you both. Both answers worked great. Funny that I saw capital F in the hover over hot key suggestion in excel and it really didn’t occur to me that I was never typing the shift so it was really a lower case f I was using.

where do you find the syntax for the type into codes for special keys? I figure bracket the special key but what is the d and u and k ??

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I’m not sure of all the syntax that is available with keystrokes but “k” is for keypress, “d” is for down-keypress, and “u” is for up-keypress.

So if all you want is to press the key then use “k”, if you need to hold it down then use “d” before and “u” after.


As a personal advice- if u wanna consider then please only use type into activity for Hot key pass purpose with Citrix Environments. Always better to use Send Hot key if you are dealing with non-citrix environments.


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@ClaytonM Hi Clayton and hi everyone,

I’m trying to execute an excel macro from inside UiPath. I’m at my wit’s end and not sure what to do anymore.

The key command to execute it in Excel is ctrl+shift+v. When I send the command all I see in the Excel file is “v”. The macro is not executed.

Also, using the execute macro thing hasn’t worked for me either.


Hi. I would highly recommend you get the Execute Macro working if your automation approach is with VBA. But if you want to perform hotkeys, then one issue I run in to is that the “ctrl”, “shift” and “alt” keys don’t execute unless you have have some delay infront when trying to perform right after the Excel file is opened or right after other hotkey combos (like for example set the Delay Before to like 500 or so)


Screenshots.pdf (107.8 KB)

Hi Clayton,

I did as suggested but it didn’t work. I’ve attached a screenshot of how I used the send hotkey command. I also tried it without using “indicate on screen”. I just need to be able to pass the “ctrl+shift+v” command into an excel file. However I can achieve it, please let me know.

I also tried using the Execute Macro command but it returned the error message in the second attachment.

Is there a way to reach you please? I’m trying to complete a proof of concept as a demonstration in order to get management to authorize formal training and possibly onboard UiPath. Can I please inbox you my number somehow? Please. Thanks

I would need to see more like the properties or the workflow. Feel free to send me direct messages through Mail on these forums. Regards.


Can you help me with the syntax for “CTRL + V”?


Yeah @kaushikn

Using TypeInto activity, you can select any of the hotkeys by pressing the + button, or just memorize the syntax.

It will look like this:


I used rctrl instead of ctrl because I’ve had better success using rctrl or lctrl (right and left), and the regular ctrl has been known to get stuck in downpress.

k is for keypress, d is for hold down, u is for release up.


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Hi ClaytonM,

I am having a similar issue with TypeInto activity. I am using this “[d(lctrl)]d[u(lctrl)]” in TypeInto but I noticed that a ‘%’ sign is added in the beginning and the result looks like “%[d(lctrl)]d[u(lctrl)]”. When I run my workflow, the TypeInto activity doesn’t seem to work for me. From the numerous times I’ve ran it, it only worked once. I have tried several combinations of Delay Before / After/ between strokes but nothing works. Hoping you can help look into my issue. Sadly, I am a new user and unable to attach any files.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Tricia_Sanchez

I think it’s a bug, or atleast that was my assumption. And, I get this all the time with the “%”.
In order to fix it, you need to edit the Type Into from the Properties, and delete the “%” sign from there if it added it in for some reason. Once the “%” disappears from the activity’s value field, then you are good and it should work.

I hope I was clear. So simply just fix it by editing it from the Property pane of the activity.


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Hi @ClaytonM,

Thanks for your prompt response. I followed your suggestion and edited the Type Into from the Properties pane and the “%” sign no longer appeared. Unfortunately, this did not solve the issue. Sometimes the TypeInto “[d(lctrl)]d[u(lctrl)]” works and sometimes doesn’t. It’s inconsistent and I’m not sure why. I have attached my workflow and files for reference. Vlookup.xaml (16.8 KB)
Infinity Daily usage (1-30 Nov 2018)_draft.xlsx (666.2 KB)
Infinity usage_non-mob.xlsx (2.1 MB)

Is it supposed to fill the formula down for the first 4 columns, 11/1 - 11/4?
If so, then it’s working, however there is one problem… your Type Into’s don’t have a selector, so it might be typing in the wrong window.

Here is the selector i put in the Type Into:
"<wnd app='excel.exe' cls='XLMAIN' title='*Infinity Daily usage (*)_draft*' /><wnd cls='EXCEL7' title='Infinity Daily usage (*)_draft*' />"

Let me know if that helps solve it.



Thanks a lot @ClaytonM! The selector solved it. It’s working perfectly now. :smiley:

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I need some help, I am also facing a similar issue where send hotkey does not work for me. i.e
My task is to add records to an excel sheet and just beside that record, I need to add some jpeg picture.
I am able to save the records, but for some reason I am not able to add picture beside that.
I use type into activity to provide the path of file which works find, then send hotkey “Alt + n” to open all link and then hot key “p” to insert picture.
hotkey p does not work for some reason and I am not able to enter that file.[ (935.0 KB) ](http://)

Hi @jamal.farooq welcome to forum

U can check this activity for inserting image in excel

How to copy paste an image into an excel file and how to paste those images in different sheets of the same excel? - #8 by balupad14

Mark it as solution if you got it


Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation :relaxed::relaxed:

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