Using Get queue items, Unable to change the status of each item to In progress


I am using Get queue items activity to process a queue.
I want to change the status of items from New to In progress when I actually start processing them, but I am unable to do that. Nor I am unable to set the status as successful or failed.

The In Progress status gets set when you pull the queue item. To set successful or failed status, see the SetTransactionStatus.xaml file from the REFramework on how to do this.


Did you updated “Set Transaction Status” activity properties transactionitem.

The Get Transaction Item activity does this, however, it doesn’t let you select a specific item, and it will pick the one prioritized by the Due Date / Deadline value of the item or when it was added.

There could be an update to the Queue activities though that let’s you select a specific item, or maybe in the future. This, I am not sure of.

If you need to prioritize the transactions, just set the Due Date / Deadline.

You can also use the Postpone activity if the Transaction isn’t the one you want to process, but that workaround is probably not recommended. I do use the Postpone for certain things, and is useful.

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Yes right, thank you, but that doesnt clear my question, Actually if you use get queue items bot is unable to set transaction status.

Anyways thanks.:slight_smile:

Yes that helps in a way, I’ll try using postpone if it works in my case.
Thank you for the help.