How to change Queue item status from "New" to "In progress" without using "Get Transaction item" activity

Can anyone let me know how to change the queue item status from “new” to “in progress”


I have retrieved 10 “New” queue items using “Get queue items” activity based on some ‘x’ criteria. Now i want to loop through these 10 queue items & change status from new to in progress.

Any thoughts?


You cannot set status to in progress…if you use get transaction item activity …then automatically when queue item is picked it is changed to in progress


i am trying to pick up transaction by certain criteria by using get queue items activity. So now i have already list of queue items to be processed and which do not have any unique reference.

Why can’t we add only transactions(based on your filter criteria) that needs to be processed to Queues Instead of all items.


Then ideally you have to add the criteria to reference and then use reference to fullfill your criteria…


i just want to know if there is any wayout to change status from new to in-progress without using
get transaction activity

Hello - without using Get Transaction activity, there is no way to perform the action that you want.

Can you explain what is your use case that you are trying to achieve here?

Could you look at creating a secondary queue if you want to still loop through transactions but want to use that primary queue for some other use?

thanks for you reply.

I wanted to check if there is any otherway i could change the status from new to in-progess using any Orchestrator API as such other than using get transaction activity

Hi, I resolved this using the Orch API using the Start Transaction Post method.
This is an example. But remember you need to add an item first.

“transactionData”: {
“Name”: “QueueName”,
“RobotIdentifier”: “14c4a85c-3a55-45ab-b4fc-6935360319a5”,
“SpecificContent”: {},
“Reference”: “los datos de la trasaccion”,
“ReferenceFilterOption”: “Equals”