How to read 'In Progress' status in 'Get Transaction Item'?

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I have doubt I’m using RE in which I’m adding data using ‘Add Queue Item’.
(Status = New)

I’m using ‘Get Transaction Item’ to retrieve queue item (Status = New > In Progress )

Later on, in ‘Process Transaction’. when 1 process is completed it keeps status as ‘Successful’ But remaining all status comes under ‘In Progress’.

So when I re-run it should 1st run ‘In Progress’ queue 1st. How to achieve this ?
Where am I missing things ?

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Usually the transaction Items will make only 1 transaction at a time New-> Inprogress once you complete will become Successful

But in you case all the remaining transaction are getting into Inprogress after 1 succesful?
That means you need to debug the Re-Framework you are using

Usually Get Transaction Item activity get the New Transaction Items only not the InProgress. Also, you need to wait 24 hours to change the status Inprogress → Abanded and they you can retry the transaction Item

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Ideally yes what was specified earlier is true…nothing should be left in in progress and if left they get abondoned in 24hours .

And get transaction item will by default get only new items…

If you want to get the in progress items you can use get queue items and get all in progress items and can try changing atatus as well…but by default re framework does not have this…but get trasaction data can be modified to get in progress and process them…(again not a good way)…actually if you want some items that are to be processed later then use postpone transaction item activity so that the item gets postponed and will be available again once postponed time is over


Hi @Muralikrishna_Surve

You can make use of the ‘Priority’ field in the Orchestrator Queue.

Use ‘Add Queue Item’ activity while adding new item to the Queue and set the ‘Priority’ field to a higher value for the items with the status ‘In Progress’.

When retrieving items from the queue using the ‘Get Transaction Item’ activity, you can set the ‘MaxNumberOfItems’ property to 1 and sort the items by ‘Priority’ in descending order.

In your ‘Process Transaction’ logic, after processing the item, you can update the status of the item to ‘Successful’ using the ‘Set Transaction Status’ activity, and set the ‘Out_TransactionStatus’ to ‘Successful’.

For the remaining items with the status ‘In Progress’, you can leave the ‘Out_TransactionStatus’ as ‘In Progress’ so that they are still prioritized and processed first in subsequent runs.