Queue status change

Hello All,
I have an scenario where before adding the data to Queue, bot need to check Is there any item in queue with the status “NEW”
if yes, i want to change the status of those items to success of failed , and then process to add new item to queue

I tried to use the get the Queue activity and used that output in foreach loop
inside the foreach loop i used set transaction activity - but i throwing below error
Set Transaction Status: This queue item has not been processed yet. Error code: 1852

any suggestions pls

you need to “get” first before u can set

Sorry, would be great, if you can explain clearly

you mean get transaction before set transaction - Thanks


use this “Get Transaction Item”, it will pick up 1 item in your queue and that item status in the queue will be changed to “in progress”.

after, then you will be able to set.

hope it helps :slight_smile:

Yes, get transaction item - we need to give input as Queue name and output as transaction item

Below is my workflow pic and the error, if this is not correct , could you please help me with the xaml file

my requirement is before adding data to queue, i need to change the existing data with the new status to some other status ( sucess,failed,inprogress) for requirement

error prop

@wilson.yan - thank you. completed my requirement