Change Queue Item Status

I use “Get Queue Items” but then cannot change the status of a specific item in that queue to “In Progress”. Only “Get Transaction Item” does that, but then I cannot select which item. How can I change the status of a queue item? Maybe I am missing some activity or maybe there is a .net function for that.

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Set Transaction Status

Transaction status only allows changing the status to “Failed” or “Successful”.

Yes but what other cases do you need? You can also postpone the queue item which effectively sets it back to New and will get picked up at a later date.

If you explain what you are trying to do it may help me understand your query better.

I want to get a list of queue items, set them all to in progress so that no other robot takes the item from the queue and then process one by one. I need to efficiently assign a robot to a process, so that the robot is not idle and helps another robot finish a queue faster, without processing the same item twice.


If you look at the list of APIs that are available you’ll find that you can do all of these things and many others aswell. However,I will note that it’s not great practice to do what you are doing as items may get “stuck” In Progress this way, I believe there should be a better way to achieve what you need without setting all items to In Progress. For example, only start robot 2 under certain circumstances OR split your processes differently so that Robot 2 only picks up things that Robot 1 is finished with…



It’d be good to know, as per the original question, how to select a specific queue item and set its status to In Progress

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+1. I had many messages back and forth from UiPath support last year and only ended up with “we’ll let product support know there is a bug”.

Haven’t gotten the StartTransaction API to work (500 error) and getting another error when trying to use Get Transaction Status while using the new Reference feature.


From what I’ve told the filter in the Get Transaction activity is not a Select style function. It merely gets the next transaction, and if the reference in the filter doesn’t match then it throws an exception (pretty much useless tbh).

One way is in fact to Get Queue Item, Delete Specific Queue Item, and recreate it using Start Transaction Item to recreate the same functionality. Not ideal and creates a dirty queue but it works.

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