Using a Datatable variable to fill a Google form using TypeInto activity

Hi All,

I need to fill up 12 different blanks in one Google form, so need data from 12 cells under 1 column.


I used the Read Range activity and saved the data table variable called DT.


However, I encounter the following problem when I try to use the TypeInto activity to fill in the blank in my Google form.

Is there any way I can iterate through all 12 rows and fill up the form at once?

Hi Nat,
Just add .Tostring and final command will be DT.Rows(0).Item(0).Tostring but it will be better to add For each Data Table and loop on the whole DT without adding that you can check below for more info and update us if you want any support

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Hi @Nat_Khoo,

Hope this help

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Thank you for the suggestion. It works!


Thank you for this suggestion as well. I learnt something new!

@Nat_Khoo Thats great.

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