Referring to DT

Hi Guys,

So I’ve got the below workflow.


Basically I have potential IDs in the format PP_123456

I want to separate the numbers which I do above (there could be more than 1 ID).

I then want to add them to the DT that I have build above this sequence, and then subsequently pull these IDs for later use. Could anyone help with a solution for the above.

Thanks in advance, merry Christmas!

Hello @Kyleb91

Based on the screenshot and the description, assume that the variable ID_DT is a datatable variable. In order to loop through datatables, you have to use the For Each Row activity instead of the For Each activity. Actually, for each loop activity is mostly used for list or array type variables and for each row activity is specially used only for data table iterations.

So changing that would solve the error you are getting in the workflow…

Let know whether it helps…

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!! Enjoy!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks man! I soon realised this!


I changed it, but for some reason the output from the message box are 3 IDs, even though there are only 2 present in the original variable? It is repeating the first ID found twice? Would you know why?

Also how would I then after this, refer back to ID 1 for example (row(1)?