ReadRange Got Me Data from Excel but Unable to pass to Text Box of TypeInto activity

Hi ,I have while loop with condition counter < 250 and in body i have Sequence and then i navigate to url and Read Range activity of Excel application Scope and read a column range C10:C22 ,

now I saved in DataTable variable ReadExcelData and now I simply want to iterate all the values of excel from C10:C22 and input those values in a text box of ,

but when I execute the while loop in the I see DataTable getting entered and not the Excel element,why is it so?

here is what is entered in UI ,I need to iterate values of excel inside the tye text box of UI but I see only “DataTable”

please help to understand how I can read data from excel column and then iterate my script to keep entering values from excel to UI text box?

Thanks in advance

@Carolyn_Cordeiro Firstly you should show us how you have Implemented the Type Into Activity. It should be inside the For Each Row Loop iterating over the Datatable values, and hence Keepinga Type Into Activity Inside a For Each Row to Input the required data from the Column which you need should be able to achieve the needed requirement.

But I have not quite understood why you have used the While Loop ? Maybe more Screenshots on how you have implemented the workflow, can be helpful.

attached are Typeinto

Here is variable of DataTable,do you have sample code which i can refer for excel read and TypeInto?

@Carolyn_Cordeiro You cannot directly put the Datatable value as the Type Into value :sweat_smile:. You should use a For Each Row Loop, provide the Datatable as the Input to it. inside the For Each Row you will have to use Type Into Activity.

Normally It would be in the below way as seen in the Screenshot, It also depends on what value you want to Type from the Excel into the Type Into, Which Column Value?

Hi @Carolyn_Cordeiro

For some starter workflow for how to use datatable in ForEachRow Activity and how to perform further actions below is the thread for the same :-

Mark as solution and like it if this helps you :slight_smile:

Happy Automation :raised_hands:

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thank you actually i used yuor concept as well ,but i can only say 1 post as solution,but thank you for replying

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